Website and Application Hosting

We have stupid fast hosting. Really.

How Fast Is Fast?

An optimized website on a decent host should load within 2.5 seconds.

98% of our sites load in SUB-SECOND speeds…

After performance enhancements and tuning, we typically see our site loading times range from 500ms to 850ms (milliseconds) in the United States. We think that’s pretty fast.

What’s Included In Hosting?

With our hosting service, you’ll get a laundry list of features that most of the big guys don’t even offer.

  • Expanding storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Nightly versioned site backups
  • DNS integrated CDN and Caching
  • Server level caching
  • DDOS protection and site attack mitigation
  • WordPress hardening

The Proof Is In The Pudding

We believe that anyone who claims to have an incredibly responsive website hosting service should be able to backup that claim. We’ve performed Pingdom tests on our very own website and have posted the results below.

Lets get started!

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