“We’re working together to push web technologies”


Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies and The Web Initiative are working together to bring a greater product offering to their customers in several different markets. Offering an array of different products in cloud services to small & medium sized businesses utilizing their on-site data center with a complete focus on customer service, Cloud Technologies is now able to offer premium website design and development through The Web Initiative.

The Web Initiative

The Web Initiaitve offers websites and applications for small, medium, or large sized businesses suited to take the company to a new stage in marketing and business streamlining. These website offer more than just a pretty face, they are built utizling the well known WordPress platform with security and intelligence tools on the backend as needed. The Web Initiative also offers workflow processe refinement for almost any business process that may be required. The goal is to take your everyday troubles and build software based solutions to aleviate the businesses issues.
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