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Southern Hospitatlity Meets White Glove Service

Southern Hospitatlity Meets White Glove Service

The Web Initiative has worked around so many businesses that go on and on about their incredible customer support. We won’t proceed to sling mud on anyone, but we will say that top notch customer support is not something that’s easy to achieve. We’re just going to say it – good customer service hurts!

Good customer service hurts!

Real Customer Service

The Web Initiative embraces the struggles of customer service because we know this is a chance for us to show our culture but more importantly, our character. No, we’re not referring to the character of our company, we’re referring to each and every employees character that you’ll speak with here at The Web Initiative. We want to go out of our way to ensure that you know we legitimately care about you on a real and personal level. This is how we know our approach to customer service exceeds others.

Industry Experts That Care

We’ve been working in this industry for many years now and have become proficient in communicating with those who are not as privy to the website design and development tools that we use. Everyone here at The Web Initiative is trained and tested to prove their ability to deliver the customers needs. We’re also fully capable of explaining to you in plain english how to maintain and modify your website developed through us. Our goal is to design, develop, and release to you a website that you can maintain.