Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most necessary investments of any online and thriving business.

As a company, The Web Initiative has historically never offered what we will call “Authentic” SEO services. This is not something we’ve invested in until recently, primarily because the demand has not been there for us. As we have developed many new and lasting relationships with people and companies, we’ve noticed a desperate need for our website design clients to matched their quality website with quality traffic. Herein lies the key.


Quality Hits vs. Garbage Hits

All website traffic is not created equal. This may be an overused notion, but it couldn’t be more true. There are an infinite amount of methods that overseas developers and hackers use to draw traffic to websites, but engaging in many of these illegitimate search engine optimization tactics, known as black hat SEO, can do far more damage than good. Google can and most certainly will bury a website deep down in their search results page if a website does not adhere to googles guidelines and policies.

What the Web Initiative seeks to do is to educate clients and potential clients on the benefits of utilizing authentic and google approved white hat SEO techniques,  showing them that investing in a targeted and well planed SEO Campaign can generate a flood of new visitors to their that have a high conversion rate.


The 4 Steps of Our SEO Campaigns

We design our search engine optimization campaigns to flow like your favorite TV series. Before we begin the campaign, however, we invest a significant amount of time in researching the targeted industry and the buyers in that industry.

1. Learning the client and their customers

We work with the client to figure out what their clients are searching for online, and how they go about getting the products or information they desire. This assists us in performing target and organic keyword research, effectively allowing us to build a profile of highly relevant long tail keywords what would bolster our clients google exposure. With this, we’re able to identify a website’s online competition for keyword visibility.

2. Keyword research and targeting

The Web Initiative can identify what keywords would be best targeted in a search engine optimization campaign based on these three factors:

  1. A keyword’s monthly search volume
  2. A keyword’s relevance
  3. A keyword’s difficulty of ranking in the top 10 results of google

3. The SEO Content Road map

This part of the campaign is where we can engage with you and your knowledge of the industry to create unique and desirable content. Primed with all of the high quality and high relevance keywords we’ve identified for the client, we will layout a content road map, along with a detailed release schedule, dictating when each content piece will be published. This allows us to tell a story with engaging and search engine optimized content.

4. And Last but Not Least, Backlink building

Arguably, the most important part of any SEO campaign is a strategic backlink building plan. This is the one that a large number of SEO service companies either leave out or get completely wrong. While we do believe that creating desirable and readable content helps attract organic backlinks, we also engage in reaching out to a large swath of bloggers, websites desiring guest posts, and other resources. This is not always an easy process, but if done correctly and consistently, you’ll see your relevant and organic website traffic increase by leaps and bounds, year after year.

So That’s It

We believe in transparency and honesty, and we hope that in providing you with this information, you’ll be compelled to talk with us about how we can design and launch a truly effective SEO campaign for you, your company, or your organization. We’ve seen incredible results using the white hat seo techniques and we know that it will produces the same results for you!